Omani Youth Tech Ideathon
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The largest gathering of ideas for emerging technology projects in the Sultanate

More than 600 Omani youth took part in the national youth skills development program to develop their ideas and transform them into new technology projects supported by Google Google International in a two-day race to prepare.

Educate them on the highest levels of active participation in building the nation , Support the wheel of sustainable development, and promote the efforts of youth and their talents in various fields of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to reach the highest levels of cognitive excellence.

Under the auspices of

More Than

Supervisor from 12 countries

With more than

National & international Technical Expert

Ideas for products & servises for more then

Different fields

More Than

New technology used for the project


Reaching 100 ideas to an advancedstage worthy of entering the market,to support Omani society & national economy.
Technical ideas race for Oman Youth
Day 1 14 Dec, 2019
More than 600 Omani ideas for future startups

With enthusiasm and passion, more than 600 participants took part in the first day of the Brain Race, which was punctuated by many sessions to develop the ideas of the participants and introduce them to effective ways to transform their proposed ideas from just preliminary guidance written on papers to successful projects and companies that can rise and continue. And meet the various challenges.

Problem analysis and focus on the user experience
The economic feasibility of emerging technology ideas
Preparing a prototype of technology ideas
Develop personal skills to better present participants' ideas to the evaluation committees
Day 2 15 Dec, 2019
A world-class level local event

The youth participating in the second day attended a number of workshops that focused on presenting the most important technical trends in the world and its responses in the lives of people and communities.

In addition to workshops on leadership and its impact on the management of teams in start-up projects, in the presence ofa number of Omani entrepreneurs in projects Emerging technology.

The second day of the Technical Ideas Race for Young Oman is divided into Two rounds of arbitration
Round 1:
Around 600 new idea
18 jury sororities of local
and international specialists
Choose the top 200 emerging
project ideas
Round 2:
Start with the top 200
selected ideas
10 different evaluation
committeesfrom the first round
Identify the top 100 technical project
ideas for the second round
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