It is a simple, but wholesome one. We want to build a community of young Omanis that is ready to embrace and make the most of the opportunities of the 4t​h ​Industrial Revolution

There’s no dodging 4IR right now - it stands for 4t​h​ Industrial Revolution and, basically, sums up the ways in which technology development is changing - and will continue to change - the way in which we live and work. 4IR represents an exciting era in which to be a young adult in Oman.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a thrilling reality. And Oman has an extraordinary opportunity to exploit the benefits of the 4IR for its society and the national economy. But for this to happen effectively and successfully, it requires a young community of competent, capable and motivated Omanis. This is where you come in - along with the National Youth Program for Skills Development to help develop this 4IR-ready community of smart young minds.

Now here is some really special news - participation costs you nothing! The National Youth Program for Skills Development is an investment by the Diwan of Royal Court. The Diwan of Royal Court sponsors all tuition fees, learning materials and administration, as well as appropriate travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place overseas.

Even accommodation in Muscat will also be covered for both programs. So, applying for the National Youth Program for Skills Development is a no brainer, as some might say.

If that has sparked your interest - and who wouldn’t want to find out more - the best starting point is to check out the Youth Program for Skills Development website. There you can read all of the information required to make a decision about your application. And if you have any enquiry about the admission process, simply email on admission@youth.om

Put formally, the Advisory Committee supports the National Youth Program for Skills Development at all stages of its strategic positioning, program design, development and delivery. From your point of view, what makes the Advisory Committee exciting is that it comprises a young group in education or already in full-time jobs - so people relevant to you.

For  Al Nashia Scheme, the program will take place in Muscat, at GUtech.

For Al Shabab Scheme, the Team Building module will take place in Oman, but outside of Muscat. Buses will be arranged to collect participants from previously agreed locations in/around Muscat for transfer to the venue. International modules will take place either in Singapore or in Switzerland.

Graduation from the National Youth Program for Skills Development does not guarantee a job or any future promotion, be that in the public or the private sectors. The National Youth Program for Skills Development is not involved in any recruitment activities. What we can guarantee you is a nourishing knowledge experience during our time together - an enriching chapter in your study or work journey as Oman embraces the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Al Nashia Scheme will accept 150 participants; Al Shabab Scheme - Stage One will accept 1000 participants; Al Shabab Scheme - Stage Two will accept 100 participants

Please review the complete Application Process under the Admission tab. This is key to you as it gives a detailed comprehensive description of the selection process, as well as the applicant profile. Please make sure you read this section extremely carefully if you are intending to apply - it provides all the information you require. Please note that application for Al Nashia Scheme is by invitation only, Applicants have been identified through the Ministry of Education (based on their top scores in English and Maths) and will go through a rigorous assessment process before being admitted to Al Nashia Scheme.

About the time it takes to drink a regular cappuccino. The Step One online application form should require just about 15 minutes to complete. Once an applicant has started the form, there’s the option to save and return to it later, as long as it is still within the online application period which starts from May 27th to June 4th 2018. An email will be sent to the applicant with a specific application number so the online application form can be accessed again. In all, not much time considering where this could lead.

English – this is an important step to test the proficiency of our applicants.

Yes - and not just any. The Diwan of Royal Court - recognized one of the top regional market leaders in the provision of HR professional services. This partnership has created a fair, transparent, but rigorous selection process for the National Youth Program for Skills Development.

Inclusion is a strong aspect of the National Youth Program for Skills Development initiative. After all, the 4IR involves everyone. Therefore, we encourage and welcome applicants from all walks of life, across public and private sectors - and from all regions of the Sultanate.

Yes, although applicants need to be committed to all elements of the program - so that would require regular travel to Oman throughout the Assessment period as well as the actual learning modules.

Yes. The National Youth Program for Skills Development automatically rules out non-Omani applicants and applicants who are not competent in English, along with applicants who are younger than 15 years of age or older than 29 years.

Please visit the Who Should Apply? section under the Admission Tab for a complete list of the admission criteria.

You do. The teaching and project facilitation sessions will be delivered in English - and all Program materials will be presented in English. There will be mentors for Al Nashia  Scheme who will help with translation for technical terminology.

To put it bluntly, you risk missing out. An opportunity like this is rare, so if you are invited to the assessment center, please ensure you are available throughout those dates - due to high demand, we are unable to reschedule. The dates for the Assessment Center are highlighted in the Program key Dates section of this website.

Easily. Once an applicant starts the process, the status of the application can be checked at any time by entering their personal number in the Application Tracking field on the following website: Application Status

As you might expect, places are limited so selection for the National Youth Program for Skills Development is highly competitive. The Diwan of Royal Court encourages applicants who have not been successful this time around to learn from the experience and to use this to grow and develop their capabilities for the future. Applicants who have not been successful this year, can apply for next year’s intake. The National Youth Program for Skills Development selection process identifies applicants who simply meet the selection criteria and - for this reason - does not screen out qualifying applicants who may have made an unsuccessful application previously.

To be eligible for Stage Two you should have been through Stage One of Al Shabab Scheme. However, being in Stage One doesn’t mean automatic enrollment in Stage Two.

It gets underway on Saturday August 4th, 2018. We’re asking participants to arrive during the morning so that they’re ready to focus when the program officially starts in the afternoon.

It wraps up on Friday August 17th, 2018. Everyone taking part will be asked to say their goodbyes during the afternoon as the program will have officially concluded by then.

Expect a fulfilling and rewarding 14 days that will combine technical skills development (such as coding know-how), personal skills learning (like critical thinking and digital citizenship) as well as lots of useful team building

The entire program will be conducted/delivered in English, so you will need to be proficient in that language to get the most out of the learning. We’ll be checking out your English skills as part of the selection process

They are – be assured, however, that all Omani customs and traditions will be followed carefully.

Let's face it, you’ve done a great job by being selected onto the program and we really don’t want you to lose this special opportunity. So, if selected you are required - and expected - to attend all days and all activities that make-up what is a great program.

Sorry, we’re afraid not. The Nashia Scheme includes an exciting lineup of activities throughout the weekend – and we really would like you to be part of that experience.

Yes, families will be given the opportunity to visit you in designated times. However we do not encourage this and we will be dealing with these requests on case-by-case basis.

Yes, the program is designed with lunch and dinner breaks as well as short breaks during the learning sessions. All sessions are designed to allow breaks at prayers times.

No, the GUtech has separate male and female residences.

Yes, the buildings are monitored via cameras 24/7. Security guards will be present throughout the program. GUtech has a great deal of experience managing the saftey of their participants.

A mentor will be assigned to you – each mentor will be responsible for approximately 10 participants. They will facilitate your experience throughout the program and are a first point of contact for any issues or questions you might have

The Program has been designed to involve a range of large and small group activities – these activities will be challenging, exciting and will develop new skills for you. Some activities will take place in the classroom; others will take place elsewhere on the campus.

We have designed the sessions to suit all tastes and interests. While the majority of the sessions are mandatory to attend, you will be given the option to participate in sessions of interest to you.

Yes, each mentor will be living with their own 10 participants in the same building.

The best place to find out about the Al Nashia Program is this website along with the brochure sent to parents.

Al Shabab Scheme (both Stages One and Two) is module-based, so can be completed while participants continue to study or work in a current role. However, be aware that participants are required to allocate time away from the office for residential modules throughout the course of the Program. In addition, participants will be expected to dedicate time away from the office for project work. Pre designated dates will be shared with successful participants beforehand and within a time range that allows them to arrange their schedule accordingly.

Approximately four weeks before each module, you will receive preparation reading and potentially a questionnaire to complete. ​This must be completed ahead of the module​.

Yes, commitment is key. You want the best out of this - and so do we. Therefore, participation in the National Youth Program for Skills Development represents a significant investment of time from individuals. Once accepted, participants will need to sign a Commitment Letter indicating their understanding and acceptance of the Program schedule and the required course work. Participants unable to dedicate themselves to the entire Program* for any reason will be released from the Program. So be certain that you are ready to make the most of this opportunity.

*Please refer to the Program Key Dates for the complete schedule of program modules and timeline.

The residential module will take place over 4 weeks in an international environment (in either Singapore or Switzerland). The Diwan of Royal Court will provide funding for the individual participant’s flights, visa and insurance – but it will be the participant’s responsibility to make the booking arrangements.

Yes, this is the responsibility of each participant. It will be down to them to obtain their own visa in order to travel for the international modules. This should be done well ahead of the due travel date. The Diwan of Royal Court will support the visa application by providing the required documents relevant to the program (for example, proof of acceptance). The Diwan of Royal Court will also cover visa costs.

As nice as this may sound, participants need to be completely committed to the learning opportunity that the National Youth Program for Skills Development involves and not subject to any distractions. As a result, we do not allow family members of participants to accompany them during out-of-country modules. This also applies to out-of-Muscat modules and sessions. We have your best learning interests at heart.

The best place to find out about the Al Shabab Scheme - Stage One is this website along with the brochure that can be downloaded from here.