Al Nashia Scheme
The program targets 15000 students aged between 15 and 17 years old covering schools from all over the sultanate. The Program is divided into three stages. In the First Stage, the participants will be nominated by the Ministry of Education. At the end which an evaluation phase will determine students who move on the second stage. In this stage, the participants will similarly be evaluated on their learning; in order to select a group of them to participate in the Program’s third Stage; the residential stage.
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Transparent selection process
Participants in the first phase were nominated by the Ministry of Education; through a transparent process that take into account eligibility and fair representation of students from all over the sultanate.
First Stage: Programming Basics

Period: 4 weeks, from the 16th of February till the 15th of March 2020

  • Registration Period after Nomination: From the 21st of January to the 1st of February 2020.
  • Number of Participants: 15,000 Students.

This stage will be taught through an e-learning platform specially designed for the Program, in both Arabic and English; in addition an online forum for support and registration will be available. This stage will focus on the basics of computer science and Python Programming. These skills will be taught while anchored around their practical applications, such as the IVR Software development, Drone programing; mobile applications and games development.


  • Evaluation Period: From the 22nd of March till the 28th of March
  • Number of Participants subject to Evaluation: 5,000 Participants

At the end of the First Stage, 5,000 participants will be selected to undergo a test at official assessment centers testing the skills they acquired. Based on the result on the assessment 600 participants will be selected to move forward to the second stage.


Second Stage: Programming Applications

Period: 14 days, from the 29th of March till the 12th of April 2020

During the second phase, students will spend two weeks completing independent open-ended creative projects, using the Python and Processing language knowledge acquired during Phase 1. These projects will demonstrate not only the students coding knowledge but also creativity in defining and elaborating their project, problem solving as they construct and debug the visual project, and communication as they complete an essay explaining their work.

At the end of the Second Stage - the Programming Applications Stage, the submitted projects will be evaluated by a committee of experts; the 200 students with the best work will be invited to participate in the residential program.

Third Stage: Residential Program

Period: 14 days, from the 3rd of July till the 17th of July 2020.

  • Number of Participants: 200 Students.

The Residential Program will host 200 participants on the campus of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) in the Muscat Governorate for two weeks in July 2020. During the residential, the student will continue building the programming skills and creativity learned during the initial two phases. The two weeks will include an up to the moment range of topics to reflect the current technological trends, including virtual reality, machine learning and cyber security. Equally important, students will take part in sessions to help them coalesce as a leadership cohort as they develop important life skills. The Residential Program also includes field visits to some of the Sultanate’s most prominent technical facilities. The third stage concludes with a two-day hackathon event during which the smart projects and applications will be developed.