Al Shabab Scheme

Al Shabab Scheme is targeted at 18-29 year old Omanis. This is a two stage program – successful completion of stage one is prerequisite for entry into the selection process for stage two.

Rigorous and Impartial Selection Process

Rigorous and Impartial Selection Process


An online questionnaire, assessment, and testing process will be applied, to select 1000 successful applicants onto Al Shabab Scheme - Stage One.


Stage One

A 3-month Nanodegree program designed to deliver the foundation skills and knowledge for the 4IR.


Successful graduates from stage 1 will go through an advanced assessment process from which 100 candidates will join Stage Two.


Stage Two

A 6-month modular program that will immerse participants in the international 4IR ecosystem.

World-class International and National Educational Partners


Stage One - 1000 Participants

  • A 3-month virtual learning program designed by the leading players shaping the 4IR. Participants - and this could include you - will work through a self-paced 3- month program. Successful completion of that will lead to a Nanodegree.

Selection Process

  • Candidates who successfully complete the virtual learning component of the Program will go through advanced assessment process from which a 100 candidates will join Stage Two.
  • The assessment process includes Critical Thinking, Gamified Assessment, a Simulation Exercise and a Structured Interview.

Stage Two - 100 Participants

  • 100 participants will take part in an exciting, challenging and innovative learning journey through 3 modules:

The 1st Module will be a 5-day team building exercise, delivered in Oman and designed to start developing trusted and trusting relationships across Al Shabab Community. Think challenging but enjoyable activities to develop problem-solving, decision-making, creativity and leadership skills - the essentials of life in the 4IR fast lane.

The 2nd Module will last four weeks, immersing participants in fresh, innovative and extraordinary experiences. Candidates will have a unique opportunity to explore the 4IR areas of most interest to them - and in which they wish to excel. They will work on their own 4IR projects throughout the module, while residing in either Singapore or Switzerland for a fantastic taste of where the journey with the National Youth Program for Skills Development could ultimately lead.

The 3rd Module will happen back in Oman and has two objectives: firstly to contextualize 4IR for the economy and society of Oman; and secondly to allow participants to present their 4IR projects to an investor panel. This means a real opportunity to secure funding for smart ideas - ideas that could go on to make a tangible difference to your world.

Al Shabab Scheme’s Key Dates

29 MAY 2018

Launch of the National Youth Program for Skills Development

29 MAY 2018

Applications Open

10 JUN 2018

Applications Close

20 JUN 2018

First online assessment sent to applicants with complete applications

22 JUN 2018

End of first online assessment

24 JUN 2018

Assessment at Assessment Centers Start

7 JUL 2018

Assessment at Assessment Centers End

MID JUL 2018

Finalists Announced

MID AUG 2018

Stage One Launches - Virtual Learning Journey Starts

MID DEC 2018

Stage One Ends - Virtual Learning Journey Ends

MID DEC 2018

Second Assessment Phase Starts

JAN 2019

Second Assessment Phase Ends

END JAN 2019

Stage Two Launches